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Why More Artists Are Using Fine Art Giclee

The field of fine art giclee is booming. Hundreds of artists and photographers around the world have already begun exclusively reproducing their artwork and images with this incredible process. Although itís been around for almost twenty years, giclee has finally begun to reach the level of perfection that artists and photographers aspire for in their reproductions. With the use of advanced image software, inkjet printers and the finest inks and canvas available, this one-time niche profession has transformed into a rapidly developing medium for those wishing to make exact replicas of their work.

Today there are printers so precise, that often times the photographs or paintings being reproduced of better quality than the originals. The nozzles on these printers are so small and accurate, that theyíre generally able to spray color in detail of over 200 drops per inch. This incredibly precise printing technology produces absolutely stunning images and enhances the finest details of any photograph or painting. Giclee has become a favorite among those reproducing fine art. Because of the immensely accurate detail, many artists are turning exclusively to giclee for their reproduction needs.

On top of the detail delivered by these amazingly precise inkjet printers, is the actual ink used. Giclee Prints use only the finest archival inks. Unlike conventional inks that may smear and bleed when sprayed onto canvas, archival inks bond with the material instantly and form incredibly crisp images. In addition to archival inks, giclee uses archival canvas. This canvas and ink, often times combined with a protection varnish can last over 100 years without fading or yellowing. That means incredibly detailed, durable and precise images for life. The fact that giclee canvas adds texture and detail to paintings, as well as drastically improving photographs is also something that artists and photographers find very enticing. The future of fine art and photographic reproductions is here, and itís called fine art giclee.

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