A Guide To Silkscreen Prints







STEP 1: Getting Started

When beginning a new print, one of the first considerations is the size of the print. How large do you want it to be? How much of a paper border do you want around the image or would you like the image to go to the edge of the paper? Another consideration is the size of the edition. As this form of printing involves numerous steps and layer upon layer of printing, it is impossible to decide halfway through the process that you would like to have 20 more prints.

Another consideration is the paper. Most of the time we use a 100% rag, acid-free paper called Coventry. It is a heavy (320 gsm) fine art paper but there are many other papers that are suitable for screen-printing. Usually the paper is white, but it is also possible to print on black or colored paper if you want a different look. Printing on canvas specially prepared for screen-printing is also an option.